Mercury, planet of thought, enters the nakshatra of Pushya within the sign of Cancer on July 26th until August 2nd 2021.

Pushya is highly auspicious for most life purposes, which gives you a generous mentality and the promise of peace, prosperity and the finest things in life. Your attention shifts to providing security, looking after your family and loved ones, and Mercury gives you the ability to connect with a new and supportive circle of people.

This asterism is symbolized by an Udder which shows nurturing, and a serene and generous temperament that attracts good fortune and favour. You may be working in an area associated with food, drink, care or hospitality and be drawn into distinguished or and influential circles.

Mind-food and mental stimulation is also found here and your thinking is inspired or else you even find a patron or benefactor to support your ideas. Pushya is ruled by Brihaspati – Jupiter – so there is also a great spiritual tendency where you are investigating philosophy and what you believe makes the world go round.

The Shakti here is ‘the power to create spiritual energy’, so you may have your own belief system or a special charisma, especially when you are writing and speaking, that inspires others to follow you. Studying goes well, and you have a deep curiosity about the world which is reciprocated with interest.

Your wisdom, either academic or practical may be in demand and giving a promise now also sees your word being trusted. Mercury is influenced now by Saturn, planet of time and karma, which gives your thought and speech a serious quality.

Peaking on August 1st, you may have to work harder at getting your point across, but this tension also helps you communicate clearly and deliver work to deadline. 

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