Saturn, planet of boundaries, karma and success, is retrograde in the second pada of Shravana, in the sign of Capricorn from July 24th to September 13th.

This is the same ground Saturn went through from late February until late March 2021, and lessons from that time come around again and offer you the chance of resolution. This section of Shravana relates to Taurus navamsha – the underlying chart governing your relationships and astral body – so you may revisit experiences connected with security and decide which values are truly most important.

Saturn is strong in its home sign of Capricorn, while the subtle Taurus quality makes you more comfort-conscious, and sees you striking the ideal balance between work and financial return. Shravana’s Shakti, or unique gift, is for Connection, so a face from your recent past may return, or else you consciously seek them out and share something that you missed out on before.

Either on a romantic level, or in a more ambitious style where you have a grand scheme in mind – or both – use your diplomacy and executive skills to pool your talents together. The Taurus-Venus signature may also revive an artistic project, where a mixture of inspiration and hard work sees all sides coming together.

You can use your voice effectively, write well, and perhaps branch out into public speaking, or even poetry or song. Teaching and studying are also favoured, as well as meditation and mantra-chanting, where you put greater energy and intensity.

Saturn gazes directly at the Sun in early August, all the way through to the 16th, where you may struggle to find a work-life balance, or else seek some deferred gratification. Make full use of your time, but don’t insist on being all business – work hard but not too hard, and give yourself a proper reward at the end of the day.

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