Jupiter, planet of expansion and philosophy, is retrograde in the fourth pada of Dhanishtha from July 20th to August 18th, the nakshatra across the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius.

This is the same area Jupiter recently passed through between April 25th and May 20th, and experiences from that time now repeat, giving you another pass at getting your belief system exactly right.

As planetary wealth-signifier, Jupiter sees you accumulating money and security, and Dhanishtha’s Shakti, or special gift, is also ‘To Bestow Wealth and Fame’, so you may revisit a recent business opportunity with a smarter sense of what to do.

Pada four is in the Aquarius portion of Dhanishtha and relates to Scorpio navamsha – the relationship and subtle-body chart – which brings an underlying passion and intensity to the impersonal Aquarian nature. Altogether this is a fixed and determined signature with a broad-ranging humanitarian soul, but underpinned by a desire for meaning and intimacy.

Take care that you don’t become too set in your ways, and instead use recent knowledge and insight to make a difference this time around. This transit sees Jupiter being influenced directly by dynamic Mars, which gives an extra urgency and desire perhaps to make up for lost time.

You are drawn to competitive situations and are impatient to push through obstacles, but may also lack the necessary poise and diplomacy to get people on your side. Channel the softer energy of romantic Venus up to August 12th, and you get the best of give and take, and win without a fight.

You also have a better grasp on the abstract and philosophical, and a question or dilemma that perplexed you over the last months is resolved when you open your mind and let the answer come.

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