Jupiter in Rohini (♉️ Taurus)

Pada 1 – Jun 13 to Jun 27
Pada 2 – Jun 27 to Jul 13

From June 13th to 27th, Jupiter’s presence in Rohini pada 1 encourages the pursuit of abundance, creativity, and new goals, particularly in relationships and careers. Despite the challenges, this phase is marked by growth and luxury, driven by Mars’s action-oriented influence. Balancing innovation with tradition is crucial, as is caution in educational and spiritual areas due to challenging aspects from the Sun and Mars.

Jupiter shifts on June 27th to July 13th into Rohini’s second pada, emphasizing marriage and spirituality, and enhancing Jupiter’s influence in partnerships. This period poses challenges to Jupiter’s philosophical leanings due to Rohini’s materialistic tendencies, urging a more pragmatic approach that balances immediate rewards with the pursuit of deeper fulfillment. Despite the challenging energies from the Sun and Mars, and potential lack of support, staying true to your core beliefs and looking beyond the immediate can lead to significant expansion and respect.

3 Conjunctions in ♊ Gemini

Mercury & Sun – Jun 15 to Jun 29
Mercury & Venus – Jun 15 to Jun 29
Sun & Venus – Jun 15 to Jul 6

From June 15th to 29th, 2024, Mercury and the Sun in Gemini enhance intellectual and communication skills, particularly in study and business. This period sharpens negotiation and understanding of complex ideas. However, stress may peak from June 15th to 20th, so keep perspective during this time.

From June 15th to 29th, 2024, Mercury and Venus in Gemini boost communication and charm, perfect for business promotion and networking. This transit encourages social interactions and creative thinking. It’s an excellent time for negotiations and resolving misunderstandings, as well as engaging in creative activities.

From June 15th to July 6th, 2024, the Sun and Venus in Gemini blend self-assertion with compromise, enabling easy social connections and spontaneous romance. This period is excellent for creative expression in writing and media. Ensure your needs aren’t overshadowed, especially from June 15th to 21.

🪐 Saturn Retrograde

Jun 29 to Nov 15

From June 29th to November 15th, 2024, Saturn retrogrades in Aquarius, urging a reassessment of long-term goals and strategies. This period emphasizes innovation and practical restructuring, especially in relationships and work-life balance. Significant shifts may arise, particularly from July 31st to August 24th. Saturn’s stay in Purva Bhadrapada until October 3rd calls for purging outdated practices. Patience is key, as impactful results develop gradually.

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