Venus, the planet of art, luxury and relationship, is in Pushya in the sign of Cancer from July 9th to 20th 2024.

This is an auspicious and life-sustaining nakshatra for most life purposes, which may allow you to be drawn into high and influential circles. Raise the tone in your relationship and you get the same classy attitude in return. Pushya gives Venus a romantic generosity, where you support your partner and provide security, and its symbol of an Udder suggests maternal-type affection.

You give and receive special love, and make your partner feel safe, though be careful of becoming too emotional or overwhelming. The Shakti, or unique gift, of this asterism, is ‘the power to create spiritual energy’, so you can share a soul bond with your partner, over and above that which you find on your own. Pushya’s ruling deity, Brihaspati, emphasizes its spiritual and questing side, so you bond over a mutual attraction to thought and higher learning.

Expect somebody close to reach out or need help, or somebody may step up for you and offer healing and a kind of rescue experience. Pushya also has a moveable, proactive quality where you take the initiative in a relationship, rather than wait for someone to approach you. Up to July 12th especially, you are romantically bold and may even seek to make a conquest.

Still, you remain giving and caring, and your sympathetic quality plays up your personal magnetism, especially when a friend needs to talk. This situation has a seductive quality, though you can also genuinely play a helping and counselling role.

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