Ketu, the shadow planet of spirituality and imagination, shifts into the second pada of Jyeshta in the sign of Scorpio from January 27th to March 30th.

Pada two of this asterism falls in Capricorn Navamsa – the relationship and spirituality subchart – which gives you a strong organizing instinct and the ability to impose structure on your life and business. Jyeshta nakshatra’s symbol is the Umbrella, or talisman, which shows protection and the desire to help, so you may be taking on more work during this transit, especially using spiritual techniques of meditation to smooth your way.

Ketu’s ethereal nature and Capricorn’s solid, worldly style are a long way apart, but you can use the dynamic to give discipline to your yoga practice, for example, or impose a deadline on to your creative writing. The sweet-spot here is between escapism and control, where each side benefits from the other, and a flash of intuition may solve a real-world problem where otherwise you are left in the dark.

There is a general planetary emphasis on Capricorn qualities in the sky at present, so bringing a businesslike and disciplined attitude into your spiritual life and imagination chimes with the need of the time. Jyeshta’s name translates to The Elder, which also has a mature Capricorn and Saturn-ruled flavour, where you take responsibility and gain a position of authority and respect.

This nakshatra’s Shakti or special gift, is for Courage in Battle, so you can take on a campaign of action with a long-term view, and have the stamina to see it through until the end.

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