Mercury goes retrograde in the sign and nakshatra of Aquarius-Dhanishtha from January 30th, reversing back into Capricorn by February 5th, before turning direct on February 22nd.

This transit is part of a large current focus on Capricorn, where by the New Moon on February 10th there will be six planets in all, including the long-term influence of Jupiter and Saturn. Mercury gives this collection an immediate impact, and if you have not made plans, or else had an opportunity you haven’t yet cashed in on, another door may open.

This is the classic promise of Mercury retrograde, where faces and situations come around again and new light shines on questions that did not make sense before. Certainly the Capricorn house in your chart is highlighted with a mixture of challenge and potential, under the usual retrograde conditions.

Expect delays in your messages and media, where it’s worth thinking bigger and bolder than usual. A small message or blog-post may turn into a fully-formed article or even book, or studying a different subject leads you all the way into a new speciality. You have discipline and diligence in your research, and can re-think and edit your writing and get it all down in readable form.

February 13th-16th is a useful window for reacquainting yourself with an old friend, and a message from the past leads you to retrace your steps. Back your data up too: any problems with technology leads you to explore the issues and you emerge from this transit better-informed about the postal service and your digital devices’ inner workings.

Don’t be afraid to defer judgement, even if an offer appears too good to miss – details usually emerge after the end of a retrograde period that you could not possibly have known in the moment.

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