Mars, a planet of impulse and assertiveness, is in Bharani, in the zodiacal sign of Aries from June 19th until July 7th, 2024.

Mars is fiery and powerful in its own sign, and Bharani shows a struggle for mastery and ambition, as you give birth to new plans on the way to success. This transit is about strength and assertiveness, where you arrive at your destination by the shortest route, to which Bharani adds a layer of determination and willpower.

Bharani means ‘She Who Bears’, and despite its familiar male-oriented Aries energy, its symbol of a Vulva is wrapped up with giving birth, as in bearing children or hatching creative ideas. You are direct and adventurous, but a maternal strength and protectiveness give you an unexpected flair for catering and hospitality.

You may end up in listening mode or taking a caring role in a job or business, and discover skills you never knew you had. The Shakti of this asterism, The Power to Carry Things Away, applies in the sense of a soul journey, or else a person or obstacle being removed from your life. Prepare to let one project go before starting on another, or achieving success frees you from a long-standing attachment.

Give your partner space and time in a relationship too, and show your affections without becoming possessive or overwhelming. Mars is squeezed in between the mixed sweet and harsh influences of Jupiter and Rahu through this transit, which finds you balancing different demands from a varied crowd of people.

It may take focused energy and drive to bring friends together, or else you show such commitment to your purpose that people fall into line behind you.

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