Saturn, planet of karma and success, enters the fourth pada of Uttara Ashada from December 24th to January 22nd, the portion of this nakshatra in the sign of Capricorn.

This is new ground for Saturn this year – it reached this point in its own sign previously in May and June 2020 before turning retrograde. So you are pushing ahead and grounding your ambitions in slow but determined style. Pada four of Uttara relates to Pisces navamsha – the spirituality and marriage chart – so despite Saturn’s strength and worldliness at home in Capricorn, it also gives you a softer and more receptive tone here.

You can use your imagination, and someone you work alongside appreciates a human touch where you listen and take on board peoples’ feelings. Saturn usually prizes hard work and keeps one eye on the bottom line, but you can arrive at your goals by a kind of grace now, and your efforts are underpinned by a strong ideal. It’s vital to strike a balance between cautious and cavalier, and remaining open to an opportunity that requires a calculated risk.

The Shakti or unique gift of Uttara Ashada is for ‘Unchallenged Victory’, so a role or status may come to you without apparent effort, though the ground was prepared before. Uttara Ashada is a smart and diplomatic asterism, ruled by the Ten Vishwadevas, the mythical personification of scholarly, balanced qualities, and its symbol of the elephant’s Tusk stands for intuition and insight.

As well as being in a Jupiter-ruled navamsha, Saturn is currently joined in this pada by transiting Jupiter, as they make their all-important conjunction. Arriving at a correct balance between stick-and-twist is the art of this time and you work hard and smart to make your vision real.

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