The Lunar Eclipse of May 5th in Libra-Vishakha, is the complimentary event to the Solar Eclipse of April 20th 2023.

The Sun and Moon now face each other across the shadowy Rahu-Ketu axis in Aries and Libra, and the Full Moon’s symbolic emotional centre comes to a climax with a sense of tension and release. There is a lively mood in the air, but also an underlying unease which may see you or somebody close to you acting out of character.

A small event can take on a sense of high drama, and Vishakha’s symbol of a Triumphal Gateway represents success after an intense period of activity.

This Lunar Eclipse in this asterism carries the same feeling of completion and achievement, where working hard and bravely sees you moving on after a major obstacle to victory is removed.

In the sign of Libra, there is a close focus on relationships, where you find a level between asserting your will and going with the flow, but it is best to wait at least 24 hours before giving your word to any proposition.

Especially as this is also a Mercury retrograde period, where key information may only appear after the event. The eclipsed Moon has no other planets in or around its sign, apart from otherworldly Ketu, which may add to your sense of being psychically overwhelmed.

You alternate a desire for solitude with a need for emotional support, and at one instant like to explore dream-work and psychology, and at another, to have friends and family nearby.

This is an excellent time for focused yoga meditation and mantra chanting, which at eclipse give many times their usual rewards.

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