Venus, planet of love and art, moves into Purva Ashada in the sign of Sagittarius, on November 13th.

This nakshatra means ‘the Undefeated’, and its energy gives a feeling of and desire for invincibility, while its Shakti, or unique power, is for Invigoration and Renewal. Venus here rekindles your love-life, either by turning over a new page with your partner or helping you to find somebody new.

Purva Ashada is ruled by Apas, the personification of water, so you may decide on a holiday by the sea, swimming, sailing or travelling by ship, all of which have the promise to let you mix and meet people. A journey overseas has a romantic quality which lets you see things from a new angle.

This asterism is also known for excellent debating skills, so you may get into arguments and discussions over your beliefs and security concerns, but always keep a strong diplomatic quality. If you are challenged in a relationship, you argue back, and in the end your opinion prevails – but make sure you are prepared for a long campaign.

This nakshatra’s symbol is a Sieve or Fan, which is used to separate wheat from the chaff, which suits a sort-out in your affairs, when you decide what is important and who you want to be with. Freedom is a top priority and you choose independence over all other qualities in a relationship.

Purva Ashada is also symbolized by a Tusk, which gives a natural affinity with Ganesha, and chanting a mantra for the Remover of Obstacles gets any new endeavour off to the perfect start.

Venus is flanked by otherworldly Ketu and stern Saturn during this transit, so your diplomatic skills are especially in demand, and you may spend time listening to your partner and giving emotional support.

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