Jupiter, planet of belief and protection, enters pada (part) two of Ashwini, the nakshatra associated with speed, impulse and courage, from May 6th to 20th 2023.

Pada two of this nakshatra relates to Taurus navamsha, the chart of marriage and general good fortune, which gives you an underlying focus on material grounding, comfort and security.

You seek to monetize your knowledge offering or expand an existing investment, both for yourself and also a partner, and this quest may also see you travelling and studying widely. A combination of abstract thinking and practical know-how finds you grabbing an opportunity on impulse, and you are attracted to education in the arts and business.

Ashwini’s Shakti for ‘Quick Action’ is channelled through a Venus-ruled desire to savour your pleasures and provide for people closest to you. You desire beauty and fine quality, and are prepared to work for your vision, though try to avoid measuring every issue in purely economic terms.

The second pada of any nakshatra is of the Artha tendency, which relates to creating abundance in accordance with your highest principles: Ashwini has strong values, and making a charitable aspect part of your business has a strong reinforcing effect.

Jupiter is under the influence of Saturn, planet of boundaries, under this whole transit, which has a calculating effect on your impulsive drive for wealth and knowledge. You may be working under a budget constraint and are conscious of needing to make your business self-sustaining.

This transit also arrives the day after an intense Lunar Eclipse, whose aftermath may increase your desire for security and getting a proper reward for your efforts. Ideally you strike a middle way between bold enterprise and building up your foundations.

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