Saturn, planet of karma and success, is pada (part) two of Shatabhishak, from January 11th to February 10th 2024.

This is the repeat of Saturn’s transit from mid-April to late August of 2023, and you go through a similar experience as that time, where a fated quality keeps you focused on a demanding schedule. You either double-down on your big ambitions, or decide the effort isn’t rewarding you and move on in a different direction.

Shatabhishak pada two relates to Capricorn navamsha, the chart of marriage and good fortune, which makes Saturn doubly strong and stable. There is great potential in this transit for any major work, especially when you pool your energy together with a partner.

Satisfaction may be deferred, but you get there in the end, and this current phase is a necessary step on the path to maturity and success. This nakshatra’s Shakti or special quality, for Healing, gives you an interest in wellness and lifestyle, along with a gift for simply making people feel better.

Shatabhishak’s symbol of an empty circle or horizon also has its own mystical quality, though Saturn combines any abstract idea with tradition and practicality. You are also disciplined about your own wellbeing and last the course with a new diet or regime that otherwise might not stick, and ultimately follow medicine that gives you real-world results.

From January 15th onwards you are under pressure to deliver at work and take on extra responsibility in pursuit of a high-level goal. Try not to identify too much with your professional role, but be in the moment and enjoy your work for its own sake.

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