Can you believe it? The astrological skies are clear! Yes that’s right, the latest series of retrogrades is behind us, and for the first time in almost a year, all the planets in our solar system will be direct in the sky. This makes this current period, up until 10th May 2022, the ideal time to move forward in your goals and progress towards making your dreams a reality. So dust off that to-do list and be clear in what you want to achieve – this is a time to take action.

Retrogrades are common cosmic events that impact us all, and are renowned for causing confusion, delays, obstacles and stagnation, although they can be less intimidating when we know how to work with them. During a retrograde the flow of the planet’s normal energy is disrupted and the house that the planet occupies gets affected and may not fully work. The houses that the planets ‘own’ will also be weaker. Retrogrades make the planet stronger, which does not mean better – a favorable planet can behave like an unfavorable one and vice versa.

Retrogrades can be seen as a chance for us to slow down, renew and reflect, and to reassess the areas of our life that are ruled by the planet that is in retrograde. It is wise to be aware of them and do our best to manage their challenging energy. That said, there’s no denying that when we hear the planets are all moving in a direct motion again we let out a sigh of relief  – especially when we are keen to move forward with our work and life plans, without delay.

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Mercury goes retrograde for 24 days at least three times in a year, making it one of the most challenging retrogrades, due to its frequency. Saturn, too, can bring significant challenges during its 140 day long retrograde, as it often transits over a certain point in the chart over and over again, creating disturbances and difficulties. Saturn and Jupiter retrograde once a year, with Jupiter’s retrograde lasting 120 days. Mars and Venus retrograde once every two years – Mars for 80 days and Venus for 42 days. Before going direct again, each planet remains stationary for a period of 1 to 5 days, depending on the planet, before and after the retrograde.

So you may recently have found yourself caught in the middle of a communication breakdown or misunderstanding or overcome with jealousy during Mercury’s retrograde that just finished on 4th February. Or perhaps Saturn in retrograde made you learn your lessons and forced you into a disciplined routine. Jupiter’s retrograde last year may have brought you to focus on your growth and development, wisdom and happiness. And the powerful, masculine and oh so famous Mars retrograde may have confronted you with power struggles, anger, delays, or quite simply, exhaustion.

But all that is behind us – at least until Mercury goes retrograde again on 10th May. So for this three month period, you don’t need to worry about a retrograde stifling your plans. Rather than analyzing, reflecting and lingering on the past, it’s time to be present, act, and enjoy this period of less resistance. Move forward confidently towards achieving your goals and attracting good fortune because, as far as retrogrades go, the path is clear!

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