While planetary transits such as retrogrades, eclipses, conjunctions, combustions, and gandantas, often usher in challenges, they also present opportunities for growth and transformation.

Astrology offers a toolkit of remedies to harmonize the energies, and helps to navigate these cosmic shifts.

Here are 5 of the big planetary transits that each of us will get affected by at some point of time throughout the year and a ritual to help you sail through it:


1. Retrogrades: Time For Reflection

As planets appear to trace backward trajectories in the sky during retrogrades, they urge us to introspect and revisit aspects of life. These periods can sometimes yield misunderstandings and delays, which are best managed through rituals that align with the retrograde planet’s energy.

Retrograde Remedial Ritual: Chanting planetary mantras corresponding to the retrograde planet can pacify its effects. For instance, during Mercury retrograde, recite the Budha Gayatri mantra. Performing a Navagraha Homa (fire ritual dedicated to the nine planets) can also be highly beneficial, especially during retrograde phases.


2. Eclipses: Embracing Transformation

Eclipses are known to trigger both personal and global events. As the Sun and Moon come into perfect alignment, caused by Rahu and Ketu, the lunar nodes that embody the forces of karma and destiny. Eclipses are moments that demand careful consideration and preparation.

Eclipse Transforming Ritual: Chant ‘Aum Namah Shivaya‘ as many times as you can. Om is the primordial sound of creation, Na is earth, Ma is water, Shi is fire, Va is wind or air and Ya is space or sky, so this mantra contains all the elements that exist in creation. The energy during eclipses is particularly strong and marks a powerful time for spiritual practices, such as chanting this mantra, where we bring our attention from the outer material world to our inner world.


3. Conjunctions: Merging the Energies

Conjunctions occur when two or more planets unite in the same zodiac sign, intensifying their collective energies. To navigate the fusion of these celestial forces, there are a range of rituals and practices.

Conjunction Balancing Ritual: Lighting a ghee lamp and reciting the relevant planetary mantras can balance the conjunction’s energies. Donating items associated with the planets involved can further harmonize their influences. For instance, during a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, donating yellow-colored items and offering yellow flowers in a temple can appease these energies.


4. Combustions: Taming the Fire

A planet is considered combust when it comes into close proximity with the Sun, potentially obscuring its influence. These periods demand rituals that restore the planet’s energies.

Combustion Mitigation Ritual: To alleviate the combustion effects, recite the planetary mantras daily, especially during the planet’s inauspicious time of the day. For Venus combustion, chanting the Shukra Beej mantra during Venus’s inauspicious hours can be beneficial.


5. Gandantas: Navigating Emotional Crossroads

Gandantas are pivotal points where water and fire signs meet, often triggering emotional turmoil. Rituals that honor the planet transiting this juncture are essential to maintain emotional equilibrium.

Gandanta Soothing Ritual: Perform a special ritual for the transiting planet, such as a mantra recitation or fire offering. This could involve offering water, flowers, and incense to a sacred body of water like a river or a lake, symbolizing the transition from water to fire signs. By making these offerings with a sincere heart, you can honor the energies of the transiting planet and seek its blessings during this sensitive phase.

With personalized recommendations tailored to you, the align27 app provides insights and personalized remedies and rituals to navigate the planetary currents.

Based on your birth chart, the app suggests rituals such as mantra chanting, meditating, donating, honoring deities etc. to navigate planetary influences. For example, if a challenging transit is indicated in your chart, the app might recommend a specific planetary mantra to chant during that period.

Just as ancient astrologers once guided kings and scholars, align27 becomes a modern mentor, assisting you in harmonizing your energy with the universe’s grand design.

In this way, you become the author of your own cosmic narrative, dancing in rhythm with the celestial forces that shape our collective journey.

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