Mercury, the planet of thought and commerce, is retrograde in Leo between August 5th to 28th 2024.

This is a medium-length Mercury retro period, where your ideas and communication have a reset, and you may expect delays or confusion in reaching an agreement. Leo gives you a confident, even rather theatrical style of speech, but going back over your recent work or business deals, you think about things differently.

Check out all your technology and back up your data – this window is known for technical hitches, and you also learn a lot about your transport, machinery, and media delivery systems. If you are in education, you may switch your main subject of study, but make sure your choice is sound, or you only end up changing back again. Leave longer to travel and keep your mind open about a last-minute change of destination.

This is an excellent time for shopping around and getting to know a specialized product or market, but it’s better to wait before committing to buy – the best deal may only appear once the retrograde window is past. Saturn, the planet of karma and discipline, also casts its influence on Mercury through this whole phase and helps you find a way to complete an unfinished task.

You retrace your thinking back to an old place and do all the necessary research and paperwork that you may have been deferring. This process takes longer at the start but puts you ahead of the game by the time Mercury is direct again.

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