Jupiter, planet of spirituality and expansion, is in Purva Ashadha pada three from September 6th to 20th, the nakshatra which translates to ‘the Unconquered’.

Jupiter is at home in this sign, which is always a positive event, giving potential for freedom and good fortune, and you can draw on a sense of inner strength when you need it. Despite challenges and battles, you have an optimistic spirit and Purvashadha’s Shakti, or unique power, for Invigoration and Renewal gives you cause to look forwards and embrace the future.

Pada three of Purva relates to Venus navamsha – the spirituality and relationship chart – so there is an emphasis on partnership now and repairing and reinvigorating your romantic life. You are positive and forgiving in love and don’t mind reaching out to someone, either to start something new or to make up after a difficult time. You can also find good advisors and counsellors, or cross your talents artistically to make the most of your creative gifts.

Purva is known to be a good debater, so you may get into arguments and discussions over your beliefs, but always listen to what the other person says and be ready to come to a compromise. This transit was in effect earlier in the year, from February 3rd to 19th, so you may find experience from that time coming around again, and drawing on the past gets you the best from the present.

Jupiter starts off retrograde, so you are looking back and consolidating, before the planet turns direct on September 13th and moves on. You may change your mind on a holiday or course of education, or take a different set of beliefs about an aspect of philosophy.

Jupiter going direct once more gives you extra confidence, and an area of life which has been difficult or obstructed is now clear and rewarding.

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