Mars, planet of action and dynamism, enters Aries-Ashwini on June 27th to July 15th 2022.

This is Mars’s powerful mulatrikona sign and a perfect time for a sudden adventure or to throw energy into a project simply to get the ball rolling. The Aries portion of your chart is invigorated, you are determined and decisive, and you break out of a period of gridlock and uncertainty.

Ashwini is associated with courage and flamboyance, and its symbol of the Horse shows speed and power, while its Shakti, or special power, is for Quick Action. You get speedily from place to place, and a narrow deadline to get business done is useful if you have no time to think things over.

This transit gives you an appetite for risk, with the nerve to go for a job or relationship you may have thought was out of reach. Make a conquest, but be careful of an overly rash style – as well as leaping straight into the middle of things, a sound plan saves you time and energy.

Along with its more obvious daredevil moves, Ashwini is sattvic and earthy and known for good manners and a conciliatory approach, so you have diplomatic skills to smooth any issue over.

This asterism is lorded by the Ashvini Kumaras, the heavenly physicians, so it also has an association with healing and looking after people – this is a good time for entertaining, especially if you decide to throw an impromptu party.

Mars is placed between the softening influences of Venus and Jupiter up to July 13th, which gives you an extra charm to push your intentions through, and ability to land on your feet.

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