Mercury, planet of thought and speech, is combust by the all-powerful Sun in Aries from April 24th to May 10th 2023.

A planet is combust when it moves close to the Sun’s burning light and becomes invisible in the sky, and powerless in the horoscope. Mercury is often found in the Sun’s same sign, but in this extra-long period in Aries, the burning solar impact is at its height.

From May 1st to 3rd especially, the combust period is like an eclipse, where your thoughts are overwhelmed and possibly anxious, either from general mental pressure or because of a specific problem.

This period of psychic stress may be useful in retrospect, if you feel compelled to speak to somebody about your concerns and work an issue out openly.

It pays not to commit yourself impulsively, or throw your hands up if a plan runs into difficulties, especially in a group project with competing egos. Mercury in Aries is naturally bold and forthright, but you feel off your ground and may need to hold your tongue and defer to somebody else’s authority for a time.

Uncertainty can be difficult, and a retrograde phase adds to your unusual style of thought, where you arrive at an offbeat solution, by way of a sudden brainwave.

You devise a backup plan or alternative to your usual course, perhaps only to discover your original idea was perfectly valid. Saturn, planet of boundaries and karma, adds to your feeling of mental limitation, but also offers a practical solution if you need a way out.

Mercury and Saturn, planetary friends, move closer through this transit, and by May 10th, you are clearer inwardly, and get ready to take your thinking out into the world.

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