Venus, planet of love and luxury, enters Shatabhishak from March 12th to 23rd, the nakshatra whose name translates to ‘a hundred physicians’.

Shatabhishak’s Shakti, or special power, for Healing may find you involved in medicine from a professional standpoint, or else a special person’s company has a fun and rejuvenating effect. This asterism’s reputation for seeking solitude, along with its strong mystical quality, may see you attracted to an otherworldly type, or someone who shares your interest in spirituality and divination.

Venus balances your desire to reflect on bigger questions with an urge to get out and connect more, but just make sure you don’t become so detached and inward-looking that you lose touch. You express yourself plainly and openly, so be careful of speaking out of turn or saying the wrong thing to someone you want to impress.

Shatabhishak’s ruler, Varuna, God of the Oceans, brings you into contact with water, and you can visualize and manifest your ideal partner in the inner pool of meditation. Or, you may simply meet somebody on a cruise ship or coastal holiday. You show a flair for healing arts, particularly diet or massage, but in any case a lifestyle with a sensual, Venusian quality, where you enjoy the finest materials.

You can heal your heart and find love and sympathy when you have someone on your level who truly understands. An unusual attraction comes to find you up to March 15th, but don’t try too hard to fit in with a crowd where you’re not comfortable.

After this date, you may try to repair an old friendship, or somebody from the recent past resurfaces and asks for a second chance.

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