April 1 - 13

Sun, Venus Conjunction (in Pisces) ~ A journey to the soul of love

The light-giving Sun and Venus, the planet of relationship, come together in Pisces from April 1st to 13th 2024.

Venus is entering Pisces in Uttara Bhadrapada, while the Sun is leaving the sign in Revati, so these two planetary enemies have a subtle effect on each other while remaining far enough apart to act in their own independent ways.

Venus’s aura of charm and diplomacy is not burnt up in the Sun’s rays, and you feel more friendly and generous. Pisces is a naturally visionary and romantic sign where Venus has its exaltation and gives you the power to believe in friends and partners and create positive change.

The Sun gives you pride and confidence, and a generous and hospitable streak that likes to indulge and entertain. Together, this conjunction softens and amplifies your relating style, where it’s important to be attractive and be seen in the right circles.

You invest a great deal in a relationship, to the point where a scenario may become all-consuming and it’s hard to think about anything else. Try to maintain some perspective, and have a life as well as a relationship.

A big personality who comes close to you may also be overwhelming, and you are overly concerned with meeting their approval. Stick to your own standards taste and style-wise, and this is also an excellent transit for your creativity and artwork.

You are forgiving and intuitive and may find people approaching you to vent their troubles and expecting instant empathy. Know where to draw a boundary, and April 5th is a good day to accept an invitation you would usually think twice about.

April 1 - 24

Rahu, Venus Conjunction (in Pisces) ~ Love on a different level

Venus, the planet of art and love, is conjunct with shadowy Rahu in Pisces, from April 1st to 24th 2024.

This planetary pairing affects the way you relate to people and decides what you want from your partner. You become romantically restless and unpredictable and seek extra stimulation from a foreign or perhaps forbidden source.

Staying within usual limits seems safe and boring, and a tempting offer arises from an exotic and charismatic personality who doesn’t play by the rules. This character may appear harmless at first, but be careful of opening a box of experience that doesn’t easily close.

Venus exalted in Pisces is highly romantic and sensual, an effect which Rahu takes to another level, and you may underestimate the impact a love affair has on you. Rahu is also strongly karmic, as you fulfil your desires, and an extreme or dangerous liaison teaches you the transforming nature of attachment.

This is a combination of fantasy and illusion, where your wishes may be insatiable, and jealousy and possessiveness become overwhelming, especially around April 17th and 18th. At the extreme, one partner may become truly obsessed with the other and want to control them. Try to integrate the extreme and eccentric elements of this conjunction in a creative way.

You can express yourself through colourful and radical artwork, and the company of mavericks and outsiders is a balance to too much conformity or sameness. Go to a different venue or destination, and while staying faithful to your partner, enjoy a total change of scene and an experience on the outside.

April 10 - 13

Mercury, Sun Conjunction (in Pisces) ~ Be an inspiring listener

Mercury, the planet of the mind, comes together in Pisces with the Sun, the star of self-expression, from April 10th to 13th 2024.

This short but intense transit pairs the Sun’s inner conviction with Mercury’s commercial flair and creates Budhaditya Yoga, a combination for successful study, public speaking and business enterprise.

Mercury retrograde sees you revisiting a decision, purchase or promise from March 15th to 25th, when the planet was last together with the Sun in Pisces. An offer may come up a second time, based on an ongoing negotiation, or perhaps you are applying for a new position and still waiting to hear.

Mercury isn’t on natural territory in Pisces, a sign that operates through intuition rather than pure intellect, so an extra-rational approach may be useful to keep it balanced. This planetary pair are also natural enemies, but you can tap Mercury’s visionary ability along with the Sun’s bright confidence to express yourself clearly.

In close proximity to the Sun, Mercury is consumed by the solar glare, so your thinking may be heavily influenced by a deadline or powerful personality whose approval you seek. You may be anxious, or over-eager to compromise, so stay independent and remember to back your own ideas.

You still have ego invested in your thinking and want full credit for your input into any venture. Mercury and the Sun are also joined by Venus in Pisces in this transit, which gives you charm and the ability to win people around.

Inviting someone else to do the talking for a time creates a good impression and lets you absorb information to make the best possible choice.

April 14 - May 1

Jupiter, Sun Conjunction (in Aries) ~ Fiery charisma and confidence

The Sun, the centre of the cosmos, comes together with philosophical Jupiter in Aries from April 13th to May 1st, 2024.

These two bodies are great planetary friends, which support each other’s symbolism, and their conjunction has great promise for confidence and charisma, especially with the Sun in its exaltation sign.

Jupiter moves into Krittika at the start of this transit, while the Sun begins in Ashwini, then moves into Bharani on April 27th, and the two stars remain far enough apart to express themselves fully. The Sun’s rays don’t burn Jupiter and both these planets enjoy a mutual friend’s sign where you get in touch with a higher and grander vision.

Channelling their powers gives you an inner certainty of success and a sense of anticipation at the start of a new project, even if you can’t see your exact path forward. Your competitive streak needs to be first to taste new experience, either a job, relationship, higher knowledge or new location, and you are exploring something that broadens your horizons.

Jupiter brings you a big perspective and generosity, while the Sun sheds light on dark and hidden areas. Your courage and willingness to take risks inspire others and may find you in a leadership role, winning awards, and making yourself popular.

Be on the lookout for a good deal, but wait until after April 26th, when Mercury goes direct, to commit yourself to a purchase or signature. This transit is a repeat of the same Sun-Jupiter conjunction of a year ago, between April and mid-May 2023, and sees the final effect of Jupiter in fiery Aries for another twelve years.

Go the extra mile and make the most of your luck.

April 24

Mars, Venus Conjunction (in Pisces) ~ A short window to success

Venus and Mars, the planets of war and peace, love and desire, come together in Pisces on April 24th 2024.

This one-day conjunction brings together two planetary enemies, even though Venus and Mars have a shared affinity for relationships, where you balance compromise and desire. Venus and Mars are at opposite ends of Pisces in this transit, in Revati and Purva Bhadrapada respectively, but together they make a window where a deal or date may be sealed.

Target someone you want to impress or a social circle you want to join, and conditions may come around to your designs. You are romantic and passionate, and work on improving your image, or making an emotional connection. Venus and Mars give you a short moment of advantage where you can reach out and not simply wait for someone to call.

Stay polite and polished, however, and don’t become pushy or try too hard to make a conquest. A moment of jealousy can flare up in company, even with people you don’t know well, so be mindful of the signals you send out. The influence of shadowy Rahu in Pisces on both these planets creates a potentially karmic situation that defies planning or expectation, and you learn a lot in a short space of time.

A sudden attraction can also arise in an unusual place and you feel you must pursue and see it through. You can break up an outworn romantic pattern here, but be careful of going too far outside your boundaries.

April 24 - June 1

Mars, Rahu Conjunction (in Pisces) ~ Dare to do things differently

Mars, a planet of energy and assertiveness, comes together with Rahu, the shadow planet of desire, from April 24th to June 1st, 2024.

These are two harsh, volatile planets, that amplify each other’s extreme natures and can lead you to act without thinking. Mars enflames Rahu’s natural rebellious streak and raises your deeply-held desires that have remained buried, but not forgotten.

A tempting offer or unexpected windfall may appear, and you are drawn into the orbit of powerful and perhaps lawless people. Mars and Rahu are flanked by the fiery Sun and controlling Saturn up to May 14th and though it’s tempting to take a shortcut in business, a reckless approach can create problems and resistance.

This transit can stimulate your illusions and make you anxious over a small detail that would not usually bother you. Your partner may also trigger you into an argument, or behave irrationally and unpredictably, and you bite back without thinking.

Mars only needs the tiniest impulse to flare up, and Rahu’s often skewed or illogical reasoning can draw you into a pointless dispute. You can innovate, be creative and set new trends, but make sure there are no hidden strings that tie you up later.

Drive carefully and take it easy when you are exercising. This transit reaches its peak between May 17th to 20th, when your desire is at its height, and a karmic quality tests your political ambition and willingness.

Going outside your usual limits may be a sign of real-world sophistication, but it’s also wise to know your boundaries.

April 24 - May 10

Mercury, Mars Conjunction (in Pisces) ~ Speaking truth to power

Mercury, the planet of thought, is conjunct with assertive Mars in Pisces from April 24th to May 10th, 2024.

This combination of planetary enemies may ignite an argument or underlying tension, as you air your views in public. An unspoken issue that has built up over time needs to be expressed, but in the right way, and you should be mindful of a potential diplomatic incident.

Mercury also moves into direct motion by April 26th and a period of thought and meditation comes together in a sudden rush when you are in a hurry to make your argument. Up to April 28th especially you can also solve problems with a blend of imagination and mechanical flair that defies rational analysis.

It may be hard to explain your theories to an outsider at this point but don’t end up talking yourself out of a moment of genuine insight. Mercury-Mars gives you the confidence to insist you are right, as long as you make sure of the details.

Also, be sure to fact-check a friend or co-worker who makes an exaggerated claim – there’s probably no intention to deceive, but simply a case of speaking too soon. You are in a rush to get business done, but a last-minute deal can still be improved, and a better offer may arise that you couldn’t possibly have foreseen.

You can also study hard, meet a deadline, and bury yourself in last-minute academic or research work, as you learn a lot in a short space of time. This is a great planetary pairing for concise writing, fiction and fine art.


April 25 - May 1

Jupiter, Venus Conjunction (in Aries) ~ An impulsive love match

Venus, the planet of love and art, comes together in fiery Aries with expansive and protective Jupiter from April 25th to May 1st, 2024.

This planetary combination comes about only every twelve years and brings great potential for new romantic interest, healing in relationships, and the power to transform your partner positively.

Venus in Ashwini’s sociable nature fuses with Jupiter in Krittika’s grand confidence and makes you open and affectionate, and you get closer to somebody over a shared interest in travel, education and philosophy. You appear wise and attractive and may become a kind of counsellor or confidante for a friend who needs somebody to be there.

Though both these stars are sweet and benevolent-natured, Venus and Jupiter are also planetary enemies, one being the Guru of the Asuras and the other Guru of the Devas. This conjunction may bring a conflict of values, where you meet somebody who is attractive and charming, but from a quite different background.

A holiday romance is a fun-filled adventure while you are away, though the cultural clash takes more effort to connect when you both return home. There may also be a lot of temptation on offer, which makes it hard to focus on only one person at a time.

The influence of karmic Saturn on both these planets brings a fated quality, and for sure you should not take your present partner for granted. Be mindful of the signals you send out in the company, and you can take the experience you gain from this transit into the future.

April 25 - May 14

Sun, Venus Conjunction (in Aries) ~ Deep in the essence of love

The light-giving Sun and Venus, the planet of relationship, come together in Aries from April 25th to May 14th, 2024.

These two planetary enemies have a subtle effect on each other while remaining far enough apart in Aries to operate in their own independent ways. Venus’s aura of charm and diplomacy is not completely burnt up in the Sun’s rays, and you feel friendly and gregarious.

There’s still a sense that you may be overshadowed or on the defensive around a big personality, and a romantic scenario may become all-consuming. You identify so heavily with sharing and compromise, that it’s hard to keep a balance between your relationship and your outside work and business.

Be careful also not to give too much away in love, and this is actually a time to assert your romantic needs. The Sun in its exaltation sign gives you pride and confidence, and a hospitable streak that likes to indulge people and entertain. Venus is not so comfortable in Aries, and your task is to reach a middle-way between impulsive attraction and surrender to keep the peace.

This conjunction is fiery and forward-looking, however, and does not waste time brooding on the past, so you can be positive, and forgive and forget. This is also an excellent transit for your artwork and creativity, where you can express yourself naturally and produce a definite end result.

You may find interest coming to you from the outside and you are in the mood to pursue an unexpected attraction. Extra support should arrive in your social life from May 1st and it’s worth accepting a last-minute invitation to see what it brings.