A total Lunar eclipse arrives on November 8th in Aries-Bharani, at 11:02am GMT.

This supercharged Full Moon sees the Earth’s shadow obscuring the Lunar disk, and Ego coming symbolically in front of Emotion. You pick up on a lively and impulsive mood in the air and look for stimulation, except the eclipse energy does not favour new efforts and business, but plays more into inner exploration.

The day is outstanding for yoga, meditation and spiritual work, above regular business or travel, and you can project your intentions at a deep psychic level. Though you work hard to get a completed project over the line, your sense of completion may come with a cathartic moment.

Something or someone you rely on for security may not be as important after the eclipse, nor as available, and you move on and draw a line under the past. Bharani has connotations with giving birth and creativity, but though you have colourful ideas, it is as well to sleep on anything too far-out for a couple of days.

The Moon at eclipse receives the exact glace of Mercury, planet of communication, which gives your thought and speech an emotional and perhaps fated quality. Mercury is the Moon’s planetary enemy, so it’s best to treat any offer or ultimatum you receive with caution, especially where there’s potential to be misunderstood.

Look too deeply for hidden meanings and you are sure to find them, but the shadows soon part and afterwards you see a scenario more clearly.

At the same time, you can embrace this eclipse signature and make a conscious effort to eliminate old thinking and outworn behaviour from your routine, especially where a small voluntary sacrifice is involved.

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