Rahu, the shadow planet of rebellion and desire, enters the third pada of Rohini, within the sign of Taurus on March 30th until June 1st.

Taurus by itself is a strong sign for Rahu, plus Rohini is one of the truly auspicious nakshatras, famous for beauty and charm, a romantic nature and links with planting and agriculture. Its Shakti, or special power, is ‘To Grow All Things’, and even allowing for Rahu’s rebellious and contrary nature, your plans flourish in this asterism and you can make good contacts.

Pada Three of Rohini is ruled by Gemini navamsha – the sub-chart of relationship and spirituality – so this area has an additional intellectual quality where you attend to your thoughts and communication.

Rahu likes this kind of mental energy, which gives it more clarity compared to its usual materialist, desire-driven nature, and here you can think, write and speak effectively.

Rohini is a classically feminine asterism associated with luxuries, style and leisure, so relaxing in your home is well favoured, as well as hospitality and making others feel comfortable. You may wish to study an unusual subject in greater depth, to the point of becoming obsessed, but in any event this is a good time to explore an area from off-the-beaten track.

As always with Rahu, you have a fascination for the quirky and left-field, which may take you into areas or subject matter where you are uneasy. There is a strongly karmic quality to the North Node and you may reconnect with knowledge which seems familiar and you either explore further or else decide to move on.

Rohini is a naturally romantic energy, so you can use this Mercury-ruled pada to reach out or send signals to someone different or outside of your usual type. This is especially so in the month of June where Rahu is joined in Taurus by benevolent Mercury and Venus and takes on a lighter and even more sociable tone.

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