Mercury, planet of thought and business, is in the nakshatra of Uttara Phalguni spanning the signs of Leo and Virgo from Aug 19th to 28th 2023.

This short transit sees Mercury remaining stationary – apparently motionless – as it prepares to go retrograde on August 23rd, which all gives you great symbolic powers of concentration. You can study intensely, project your willpower, and altogether learn a great deal in a short space of time.

If you wish to reinforce a point or make a real difference with a campaign or protest, this transit is a good vehicle for asserting your will. However, there may be a delay before people see your point of view, and it works out better to wait before committing to a final agreement.

Uttara shares the leisurely symbol of a Hammock with its previous asterism, Purva Phalguni, even though Mercury here is more concerned with being of service to others. An alliance starts on a simple friendly level but you may spot the chance to work together and support each other’s interests, and give yourself a share of a larger overall profit.

Fight your desire simply to be laid-back and fun-loving, and you can do good work as an advisor or counsellor, both in healing and business. This nakshatra’s Shakti is also ‘prosperity through partnership’, where Mercury gives you the potential to strike commercial relationships and pool your talents in a joint effort.

The supportive influence of expansive Jupiter gives you extra mental confidence and you ask all the right questions in an academic setting. You see the big picture as well as fine details, and sheer enthusiasm for your subject makes you an entertaining and effective teacher.

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