Astrology helps to delve into the unique energies surrounding our birth chart. These energies significantly impact various aspects of life such as our family connections, our friendships and our relationships.

So, how can we harness the power of astrology to enhance relationships and foster personal growth?

Let’s explore how it can be effectively used to improve relationships with our friends, family and romantic partners.


1. Seizing Opportunities

Life is full of moments that can significantly impact our relationships. The “Golden Moments” feature in align27 identifies highly auspicious occasions when the cosmic energies align favorably for you. These moments can signify excellent opportunities for personal growth, deepening friendships, or strengthening romantic bonds.

We feature them in the Together Module too as well as mutual Crown days which are the most majestic for both of you, for literally anything!

Whether it’s a perfect day for expressing gratitude, showing affection, or making important decisions together, Golden Moments and Crown days guide users towards making the most of these special times. Seizing these opportunities can lead to memorable experiences and a more fulfilling journey together.


2. Strengthening Bonds

The “Together” feature on the align27 app is designed to deepen connections between individuals. By automatically overlaying yours and someone else’s birth charts, the app sheds light on the strengths and challenges that could present itself in the relationship depending on fruitful and challenging cosmic times occurring in the individual chart.

Understanding these dynamics can help you, your friends and/or romantic partners navigate potential conflicts and understand how your energies intertwine and influence interactions, allowing you to nurture and strengthen your bond together.

Together looks at your mutual cosmic days which are divided into the following categories:

Crown Days – majestic days for you
Victorious Day – powerful days to achieve mutual goals
Collaborate Day – a good day, you can make it work
Same Wavelength Day – a day you are on par with some extra effort TLC for “Anya” Day – you’re unaligned on this day, so have patience Binge Watch Day – a day to avoid conversations and important tasks Airplane Mode Day – not the best day to get things done

So, if you are planning on collaborating with your loved one on a work or voluntary project that you both care deeply about, check out when you have your Crown, Victorious and Collaborate Days, and choose those as your power moments to swing into action! If, on the other hand, you’re collectively in a Binge Watch Day or Airplane Mode Day, then it’s best to do as the name suggests – avoid important tasks and conversations altogether and instead put your feet up and relax.


3. Optimal Timing for Interactions

By tracking the Hora it untaps a treasure trove of insights for determining the best times to engage with friends or romantic partners.

Every hour of the day is ruled by a planet and according to the characteristics of the ‘ruling’ planet, you can determine the ‘quality’ of that time period, as you’ll be experiencing the ‘natural energy’ of the ruling planet.

For example, you may feel agitated for no reason at all, that’s because Mars is at play, or perhaps you’re feeling expansive and optimistic, that could be due to Jupiter’s influence, or maybe you’re feeling stuck, then it’s likely Saturn has something to do with it.

By consulting Hora, you can discern auspicious moments for essential discussions, planning exciting outings, or even having heart-to-heart conversations. This strategic approach to timing can enhance the quality of interactions and reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings or conflicts.


4. Organizing Cosmic Intentions

The align27 app also features a Planner which allows you to incorporate astrological insights into your daily life. You can use it to set intentions in line with your cosmic energies and plan activities that align with your goals and relationships.

Whether it’s a simple coffee date with a friend or a special surprise for a partner, the Planner feature assists in selecting the most suitable times to carry out these plans. This thoughtful approach can enhance the experiences shared, making them more meaningful and enjoyable.


5. Vedic Relationship Rituals

In the rituals section of the align27 app there is a section specifically for Relationship Rituals that can help you re-balance, protect and restore any relationship disharmony that you may experience.

Did you know that if you are going through a difficult phase in your partnership or marriage, it is good to put four pieces of turmeric at the four corners of your bed? Turmeric is connected to the planet Jupiter, which has the ability to bring good fortune and auspiciousness to your relationship, so doing this ritual brings you protection.

There are also particular deities, each representing cosmic forces in nature, that can be honored on a particular day to strengthen your relationship. For example, every zodiac sign is associated with a particular form of Lord Shiva, the all-pervading divine consciousness. The form of Lord Shiva connected with the zodiac sign in your 7th house – the house of relationships – can be honored to restore and revitalize your relationship.

The align27 app tells you which rituals to do on which days so you can get maximum benefit according to the current movement of the planets and their effect on your individual birth chart.

If you don’t have the app yet – are you ready to have a go at strengthening your family dynamics and relationships through the align27 app?

Discover your cosmic connections, seize golden opportunities, and plan magical moments for an enriched life together.

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