What to do and what not to do – here’s your list for January.

Tap below to see personalized do’s and don’ts based on your Vedic Moon sign in your birth chart (which we calculate for you in the align27 app).

January 1 – 14
Mercury combust in Sagittarius ~ Get the details right

✅ Do’s
Sway people with your speech. Be mindful of speaking out of turn or making irrational choices. Run your thoughts past someone you trust. Wait before submitting academic work or business proposals.

January 4 – 14
Mercury in Purva Ashada ~ Watering your ideas

✅ Do’s
Reflect and re-think. Edit and revise the words for your project. Gather new info to broaden your understanding of the world. Share big ideas among your close circle.

January 6 – 17
Venus in Shravana ~ Make peace and create connections

✅ Do’s
Bond with a partner over a shared love of the arts. Find romance for the long term, Draw on your teaching, writing and learning experience. Do mantra chanting.

January 11 – 24
Sun in Uttara Ashada ~ Soul ambition is unchallenged

✅ Do’s
Put in the work at the start of an enterprise. Plan a truly ambitious long-term project. Pick a target which you align with at a soul level.

January 17 – 27
Venus in Dhanishtha ~ Love with a strong pulse

✅ Do’s
Enjoy trading, buying or enjoying costly and luxurious accessories. Support or donate to a cause for arts performers. Excel in any skill which requires a rhythm or pulse.

January 17 – February 14
Saturn in Dhanishtha ~ A second chance for wealth and fame

✅ Do’s
Be ready to step up your workload. Work together with others in a harmonious way. Cultivate good contacts at work. Move with a smart romantic strategy.

January 21 – February 8
Jupiter in Uttara Bhadrapada ~ A second chance to share

✅ Do’s
 Be ready for a new challenge. Reach for a position which may have seemed over-ambitious before. Be diplomatic and share in your quest for meaning. Speak up for a group, cause or idea.

January 22 – February 15
Venus, Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius ~ An enduring attraction

✅ Do’s
Keep to your artistic task. Cultivate good contacts at work. Work together in a professional and harmonious way.

January 24 – February 6
Sun in Shravana ~ Take pride in new knowledge

✅ Do’s
Learn new mantras and apply them in a regular, focused way. Speak publicly and use your power of persuasion. Reinforce your understanding through teaching. Be silent and listen to your inner voice. Keep your message positive.

January 27 – February 7
Venus in Shatabhishak ~ Heal your heart and mind

✅ Do’s
Lookout for someone who shares your interest in spirituality and divination. Balance your desire to reflect on bigger questions with an urge to get out and connect more. Meet somebody on long-distance travel overseas. Explore a talent for healing arts. Spell your message out clearly in your relationship.

❌ Don’ts
Don’t become so detached and inward-looking that you lose touch with your closest circle.

January 31 – March 6
Saturn combust in Aquarius ~ Balance of light and shade

✅ Do’s
Be careful of clashing with authority. Take your time over a project. Play it safe until normal conditions return.

❌ Don’ts
Don’t compromise your core beliefs.

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