Mercury, planet of intelligence and communication, turns retrograde in Capricorn-Shravana on January 14th to February 4th 2022.

This medium-length retrograde period of 21 days brings familiar delays and thwarted communication, plus the promise of creative rethinking and second opportunities. Shravana’s symbol is the Ear, and this nakshatra is associated with both oral knowledge traditions and idle gossip, so be alert for information and to pick up a useful lead.

Your practical media and commercial efforts come under the spotlight, and there may be an extra struggle to get your message across: money on a good editor and proof-reader is well-spent. This is not the best time to launch a website, release a book, or exchange contracts on a house – in fact all major purchases and decisions are suspect, so better to wait until the first week in February before committing.

Stay flexible around your travel plans, allow more time to reach your destination, and keep track of your luggage. On the plus side, you can revive an old project and return to your master plan with a new vision – a job, ambition or vacancy you didn’t get before resurfaces, and now you’ve got the right skills and experience.

An old face returning into your life has a deja vu feeling, and a new job or opening arises from your coming together. Once your business is done, the messenger disappears again.

Mercury overlaps with Venus, planet of relationship, also retrograde until January 29th, giving you extra potential for an old relationship to be revived, plus a fated quality that sees you resolving an old lesson.

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