Venus, planet of love and luxury moves into Uttara Ashada on February 22nd, the nakshatra spanning the signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn.

Uttara’s nature is elegant, learned and diplomatic, and has the promise of popularity and many friends, and is ruled by the Ten Vishwadevas, the embodiments of virtue and fine quality. Venus sits comfortably in this domain, giving you a sure touch in company and the ability to reach out to different people on the way to achieve your ambitions.

It pays to take matters slowly and thoroughly, and make contacts for the long term – see your plans to a conclusion and don’t take on too much at once. This asterism is of the Kshatriya, or warrior class and its Shakti for Unchallenged Victory sees a successful political cause or campaign to support your beliefs.

You are a good negotiator and create peace and harmony in business, and you have the promise of victory in love. The art now is to win without having to fight a battle. An element of fate comes into your affairs, where an ambition or relationship seems meant for you – pay attention, read the signals, and other people will want to see you succeed.

Uttara’s symbol of the elephant’s Tusk also shows penetration and insight into a situation – there is a link with Ganesha, where invoking his mantra removes an obstacle to closeness and completion. Venus moves tightly together with dynamic Mars through this transit, so your relating is likely to be bold and impulsive, and you step up to a situation where you might otherwise be rather shy.

Rushing in or attempting a conquest may make the wrong impression, so set yourself a target and allow gentle persuasion to have its way.

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