Mars and Venus in Pisces (April 24)

A powerful one-day conjunction bringing together energies of conflict and harmony. Ideal for sealing deals or making impactful social connections. Influence from Rahu may introduce unexpected romantic or social twists. Venus and Mars give you a short moment of advantage where you can reach out and not simply wait for someone to call. Stay polite and polished, however, and don’t become pushy or try too hard to make a conquest.

Mars and Mercury in Pisces (April 24 - May 10)

Expect a period where speaking your mind could lead to significant outcomes. This transit is excellent for negotiation, solving complex problems, and assertive communication. From April 26, Mercury’s direct motion enhances clarity in your thoughts and actions.

Mercury-Mars gives you confidence to insist you are right, as long as you make sure of the details. Also, be sure to fact-check a friend or co-worker who makes an exaggerated claim – there’s probably no intention to deceive, but simply a case of speaking too soon.

Mars and Rahu in Pisces (April 24 - June 1)

A challenging alignment that urges you to innovate but be cautious of impulsive decisions, especially in business and personal relationships. The peak period between May 17-20 may test your resolve and ambition. Mars and Rahu are flanked by the fiery Sun and controlling Saturn up to May 14th and though it’s tempting to take a shortcut in business, a reckless approach can create problems and resistance.

Sun and Venus in Aries (April 25 - May 14)

A conjunction that enhances personal charm and relationship dynamics, but be aware of potential overshadowing by stronger personalities. This period favors creativity and social engagements. Extra support should arrive in your social life from May 1st and it’s worth accepting a last-minute invitation to see what it brings.

Jupiter and Venus in Aries (April 25 - May 1)

A rare alignment that boosts opportunities for new romantic connections and enhances existing relationships through shared interests and cultural exchanges. You appear wise and attractive, and may become a kind of counsellor or confidante for a friend who needs somebody to be there.

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