Venus, planet of art and relating, is in Leo-Purva Phalguni ‘the previous red one’, from October 17th to 30th 2023.

Purva’s symbol of a Hammock describes its relaxed nature, which finds Venus in an easy-going and romantic setting that is happy to let a relationship take its own course. There is no strict agenda or criteria to follow, and you go along with any proposal of a date or trip away, as long as a good time is on offer.

This asterism’s ruling deity, Aryaman, one of the Adityas, has power over marital happiness, which emphasizes your current love of play and flirtation. All that matters is the bond of affection between you and your partner, and you celebrate the spontaneous and fun-loving side of life.

Purva’s Shakti, or unique gift, for ‘Procreation’ may not put your mind on having a family exactly, but you love being around people and all luxurious and life-enhancing Venusian things. Keeping one eye on the future is advised, however, or you may fall into a reckless or chaotic drama over which you have little control.

Constant pursuit of pleasure for its own sake becomes positively draining, especially as Venus receives the influence of expansive Jupiter through this whole transit, peaking on October 18th. Be mindful of any possible clash of values in your relationship, where the material and spiritual are out of balance.

You may find some self-discipline to channel your energy, and also collaborating successfully with a fellow artist adds depth and inspiration to your work.

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