Saturn, planet of boundaries, karma and success, is in pada (part) four of Dhanishtha from October 15th to November 24th 2023.

Dhanishtha pada four relates to Scorpio in the relationship and good fortune Navamsha chart, which brings you an underlying Mars-ruled intensity and drive. You combine the strong, airy, ideas-based thinking of Saturn in Aquarius, with gut-level feel and a desire to get beyond surface appearances.

Saturn turns direct in motion on November 5th, which is the pivotal moment of this transit, where you see ultimate success or else a work still in progress. A long-term lesson is grounded, and you decide either to double-down on your ambitions, or cut your losses and change lanes.

Saturn also returns over the area it covered between mid-February to mid-March of this year, and its effects now reinforce an issue from that time. An outcome may have a karmic flavour, where you get a similar experience in business or at home, no matter which path you follow.

Pada Four of a nakshatra is of the Moksha tendency, with an underlying focus on spirituality and liberation, and you can unfold your desires through a structured program of meditation and reflection. The Shakti, or special gift of Dhanishtha is ‘To Bestow Wealth and Fame’, so your hard-fought Saturn-driven climb pays off wherever you direct your focus.

Saturn also shares a mutual gaze with Venus, planet of relating, through this whole transit and your desire to be close to someone plays off against your dedication to duty. Though your intuition about a person or situation may defy rational thought, an important truth is revealed.

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