Mercury, planet of the mind, is in Hasta nakshatra in the sign of Virgo from October 7th to 14th 2023.

This nakshatra is in Mercury’s own sign, where Hasta gives you a practical and earthy intelligence, as you combine the best of abstract knowledge with on-the-job experience.

Its symbol of the Hand is associated with craft and skill, along with a careful touch around money, so you can apply your talents in a smart and constructive way.

Apart from communication and education, Mercury relates to business and commerce, where you may encounter chancers and tricksters, and this nakshatra shows potential for using sleight of hand to get ahead.

Your decision-making is sound, however, and you do excellently in all areas which need a keen eye for detail. You can also take advantage of an opening or introduction, where Hasta’s Shakti, or special power, ‘To Put Power in Your Hands’, lets you make real progress and approach a complex issue from a different angle.

Hasta is linked to Palmistry and other forms of divination, like Astrology, so this may be an opportunity for a look into the future and possibly to study these arts for yourself in greater depth.

Mercury is hemmed between Venus and Mars, the planets of harmony and desire, through this whole transit, so you may use your gift for words to impress someone, or to create peace in a dispute.

You can put yourself forward as a smart spokesperson and people respect your education and expertise.

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