Jupiter, planet of belief and protection, enters pada one of Ashwini, the nakshatra associated with speed, impulse and courage, on April 22nd until May 6th 2023.

Your instincts are ignited and a plan of study or travel you have weighed up over the last months suddenly becomes a top priority. Jupiter in Aries gives you a competitive streak, in terms of experience and knowledge, where you get a thrill out of being the first to visit a destination or understand a new idea.

Ashwini’s Shakti for ‘Quick Action’ sees you seizing an opportunity and moving with an intuitive certainty that leaves nobody in any doubt. Pada one of this nakshatra also relates to Aries navamsha, where it affects your relationships and general good fortune, with an experience of pure fated luck.

Jupiter vargottama is strengthened, and either you have greater confidence in your romantic chase, or your partnership becomes smoother and more harmonious. You can be assertive without compromising peace at home, and people follow your lead when you are fixed in your own mind.

The first pada of any nakshatra is also of the Dharma tendency, which shows action in accord with your highest self, and you integrate spiritual thinking into your daily routine. Jupiter is the planet of wealth, and ethical behaviour in business gives you results free of complication and with the promise of a pay rise or gain.

This transit arrives in the immediate shadow of April 20th’s Solar Eclipse and within a day of Mercury going retrograde, so a change in your philosophical outlook has an immediate impact. Your beliefs and education influence your business and personal behaviour, and your personal code evolves in response.

Any actual spiritual shift may be quite abrupt, but look back, and you will appreciate this change has been coming.

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