Jupiter, planet of expansion and philosophy, is in pada one of Revati, in the sign of Pisces, from February 24th to March 11th 2023.

This nakshatra translates to ‘The Wealthy’ and promises fortune and fine personal qualities, and with Jupiter strong by sign, you expand easily and show a generous and sympathetic attitude.

Pada one of Revati relates to Sagittarius navamsha, the underlying chart of relationship and blessings, so you do especially well through a generous and forward-thinking approach.

Open your arms to the world, and this doubly Jupiter-ruled transit removes obstacles and cuts through doubts that arise at other times. Pada one of a nakshatra also relates to the Dharma tendency and the desire to follow right action in accord with your own inner truth.

The Shakti, or special power, of this asterism is ‘To Protect’, and you get behind a favoured cause or a special person you want to support, and receive more than the same in return. You may be taken with a desire to travel and make a pilgrimage, and Revati is particularly favourable if you are on the road, where you find a welcome wherever you go.

The ruling deity here, Pushan, the defender of lost people and animals, sees your charitable instincts on full-power, and donating to a humanitarian program gives you inner confidence and healing, even when you are helping somebody else.

Jupiter is also pinned between the tough influences of Rahu and Saturn through this transit, but you get the advantage of being the voice of optimism, whose outlook finally wins through.

Your idealism is at odds with a more calculating attitude from those around you, and may seem almost reckless at times, but it pays to stick to your beliefs.

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