Mars, planet of energy and action, moves into the Gandanta zone between Pisces and Aries, and the nakshatras of Revati and Ashwini on December 15th to January 1st.

This period sees Mars move back into its home sign of Aries and Ashwini nakshatra, where it has been already in August and September of 2020. The sharp contrast between the water and fire signs of Pisces and Aries, and Revati and Ashwini, gives this border zone a sense of adjustment and of possibly ‘falling in between the cracks’. Mars in Pisces-Revati finds you more withdrawn and reluctant to assert yourself, unless provoked, yet you still have passion and can prove feisty if slighted, or if your territory is threatened.

You are sensitive to undercurrents and hidden dynamics, and may use psychological tactics to get even. Moving through the sign-border territory sees you undecided in your goals, before emerging in fiery, flamboyant Ashwini by December 25th and coming out with all guns blazing. Mars is back on home territory here, and also enters its own Aries navamsha – the relationship and spirituality chart – giving it astral as well as material strength: forget about passive aggression and get ready to take the lead.

Edging slowly into a new field stretches you in a positive way but keeping the brakes on goes against Mars’s impulsive instincts. Still, try to achieve a measured response, and don’t go too far chasing your desires and getting
everything immediately. A campaign of action which you understand well
gives you the chance to work consistently, and prevents your energy
backing up.

Don’t be in too much of a hurry either – you still need to prepare the ground and be sure whether people are supporting you. Test the waters first. This transit coincides with the Sun going through the Jyeshta-Mula gandanta zone, so there is a strong feeling of sudden change in the sky, and your plans take on a different shape by January1st.

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