Rahu, the shadow planet of desire and anti-tradition, enters the first pada of Mrigashira within the sign of Taurus on November 25th until January 27th 2021.

The first pada of this nakshatra falls in Leo navamsa – the relationship and spirituality subchart – so gives a doubly fixed and determined quality to your Rahu rebellion. You also have an underlying creative and dramatic tone, where you make a show of going against the flow and chasing after your biggest ambitions. 

Rahu has an affinity with Taurus in any event, where you look for material enjoyment and feel earthy and comfortable in your body. This portion of the transit gives you confidence and flair, where you make no apology for you quest, and lead by example. Still, as much as you back yourself in any situation and your self-belief inspires others to follow, be careful of stubbornness, and stay open to good advice. 

Mrigashira’s name means ‘to hunt’ and its mythical symbol is the Deer, which is chased across the skies by Brahma the Creator, filled with desire. This nakshatra symbolizes the pusuit of a great wish, either in the pleasure-loving sense, or with in a search for knowledge or a quest for meaning. Rahu’s obsessive karmic drive works through channelling your heart and mind and focusing on a target that is worth your while. 

Mrighashira’s Shakti, or special gift, is to ‘Provide Fulfilment’, which again ties in with the creative side of Leo navamsha and emphasizes being the life-giving centre of your world. Rahu may see you expressing yourself in the arts, or simply appreciating the work of others, but having place to shine is vital now. This transit is also the signal for two eclipses, starting with the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 29th, which is an outstanding time for chanting and meditation.

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