When a crisis comes in life, what determines our capacity to handle it and recover quickly? According to Vedic knowledge, the moment we are born, we arrive on earth with our carried-forward karmas from previous lives. We go through life’s journey, experiencing the world according to the dues we need to pay and the lessons we need to learn. The situations we go through are not always easy, and our ability to recover from challenges can vary according to multiple factors.

Whilst we all have some degree of inherent mental resilience, both by birth and as a result of the experiences we have gone through early on in life, our capacity to reinstate a pre-crisis state of mind is something we can see in our birth chart, and we can also boost through our efforts.

Know your Birth Chart to Anticipate Challenging Times

Your astrological birth chart is your innate blueprint. It is totally unique to you, and serves as an expression of your soul’s journey through your lifetimes. The placement of planets and their aspects determine your strengths and weaknesses as an individual, showing the power you can harness to help you move through a crisis.

By exploring planetary transits and Mahadashas (planetary periods), a competent astrologer can identify the phases of your life which could be difficult. By knowing when the challenging times are coming, you can mentally prepare yourself and reduce the shock when they arrive. You can set yourself up with a toolkit of rituals and practises that will help ease you through the storm. You might not be able to stop the downpour, but you can always wear a good coat and carry an umbrella.

An astrologer can also tell you how long the challenging phase is likely to last and where you currently are in that timeline. This way, you will know there is an end in sight, which brings comfort and strength to move through it. Whether it is discipline that is required, being patient or taking action, having faith or surrendering completely – the astrologer can indicate how best to move forward, based on your own chart.

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Strengthen Your Moon for Emotional Balance

In your Vedic astrological birth chart, the Moon represents your mind, and indicates your emotional tendencies. If the Moon was waxing (brightening) when you were born you are likely to have a more confident personality and may be an extrovert. If you were born when the Moon was waning (darkening) then you are likely to be more introverted and reflective. You can discover if you were born during a waxing or waning Moon in the Cosmic Insights app.

In general, when the Moon is weak in a chart it gives rise to anxiety, worries and stress. So strengthening the Moon, and therefore the mind, is vital to enhance our mental and emotional resilience. You can do this with the following rituals.

  • Watch the Moon in the sky, meditate on the Moon and spend some time in silence. You can do this every evening, whenever you are able to see the Moon in the sky.
  • Every time there is a Full Moon, do a Full Moon guided meditation. There is a beautiful such meditation by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on the Sattva Meditation and Mantras app.
  • On Mondays you can strengthen your Moon by listening to or meditating on Sri Rudram, the vedic chant that honors Lord Rudra, a form of Lord Shiva, the all pervading divine consciousness. Monday is the day connected with the Moon.

Moon 2.5

Every month there is a 2.5 day period called Chandrashtama during which your mind may feel agitated and negative and you could feel a little restless or unsettled. ‘Chandra’ means the Moon, and ‘Ashtama’ means eight. As the Moon, which represents the mind, travels through the zodiac, it spends approximately 2.5 days in one zodiac sign. When the Moon is 8 signs away from the natal moon (the Moon sign from our birth horoscope) we call it ‘Chandra Ashtama.’

During this 2.5 day phase, knowing that it is the position of the Moon that is the cause of your mental fragility can save you from placing blame on yourself, which in turn helps you to stay strong. You might lack clarity of mind at that time, so it is best to avoid making important decisions or taking on new projects.

You can see when these Moon 2.5 days are coming up for you with the free add-on in the align27 app.

Gain the Courageous Warrior Qualities of Mars

Mars is another planet to look out for, whose positive placement brings strength, courage and determination – very useful when you need the warrior-like attitude and willpower to move through a difficult situation. If you are finding when challenges come that you lack the confidence and strength to go through them, then look to strengthen your Mars.

  • Mars is the warrior planet, so to invoke the courage and power of a warrior you can do the yoga pose, Virabhadrasana (Warrior Pose), every day.
  • Chant or meditate on the Mars Ashtotram – the Sanskrit chant dedicated to Mars – every Tuesday, the day connected to Mars.
  • Mushti mudra can be done for 5 to 10 mins during Mars Hora (hour) to strengthen the Mars energies. To do this, clench the fingers of both the hands towards the palm and put the thumb over the first three fingers. Exert mild pressure over the fingers. Gently rest your fists below your lower abdomen. Take long deep breaths and close your eyes for a few minutes.

You can receive further daily rituals to strengthen the planets according to your own birth chart in the Rituals section of the align27 app.

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