Do you feel that sometimes you’re on the right wavelength with your partner and things are smoothe? And, at other times their mere presence infuriates you.

Have you also noticed how you could say something to them one day and the next day the same comment or words can kick off an argument?

Sustaining good, happy relationships is one of the most challenging things that we have to manage in our adult lives.

Do these 6 things to better your relationship with your partner – think of them as little magic gems that work wonders to navigate relationships.

1. Be Aware of those 2.5 Days

Never try speaking to them about anything sensitive or that could potentially upset them when it’s their Chandra Ashtama – during this time, it’s a no-go-zone as it’s a potential time for them to blow things out of proportion or get highly emotional about something that wouldn’t usually bother them otherwise.

Every month there is a 2.5 day period where we all feel a little restless for no apparent reason. It’s not a time to make important decisions as we don’t have the clarity for it and also not to start any new tasks/projects. This is the time to pamper our partner and to give them a big warm hug for no reason.

The Moon travels through the zodiac spending approximately 2.5 days in one sign and our mind is represented by the Moon. When the Moon in transit is 8 signs away from our natal Moon (moon sign from our birth horoscope) we call it “Chandra Ashtama” – Chandra meaning moon, Ashtama meaning eight.

You can determine yours and your partner’s Chandra Ashtama and get notifications for when it’s about to happen on the Cosmic Insights app.

2. Be Silent During Their Silence Moment

On the align27 we have a traffic light astrology system that lets you know if yours or your partner’s day is Red, Amber or Green and breaks up the day into Golden, Productive and Silence moments. Try to avoid causing a rift, suggesting they change something that irritates you or push back on something they want when it’s their Red Day or Silence Moment – and if you do happen to speak to them at those times, just be super super aware about it so you don’t mess it up.

You can use the align27 app to find more information about this. We have programmed everything for you based on your own birth chart to help you with everything you need to figure out the right timing.

3. Fasting - Learn to Give

There is a point in your birth chart called Upapada, that signifies relationships and your partner. This point is in a sign, which is ruled by a planet, so fasting on the day associated with this planet is a magical remedy to combat relationship issues.

You do not have to fast for the whole day, you can just do it from sunrise to sunset. Juices, fruits, water is fine, salt and anything cooked should be avoided.

4. Honor the South-East Zone of Your Home

The South-East zone of your home is related to relationships in Vastu – it gives power to nourish and strengthen relationships.

The concept of Vastu has 45 deities which rule specific directions. Pusha is one of these deities that rules the South-East and has the power to strengthen bonds between people. Keeping photos of you and your partner in the South-East zone can help nourish your relationship and create an even stronger bond between you both.

The South-West is also the zone of stability and relationships. Positive energy comes from the North-East and accumulates in the South-West which helps activate this. By placing a photo of you and your partner in the South-West zone can help improve your relationship.

5. Avoid Arguments during Saturn or Mars Hora

Hora is the Vedic Hour. Every hour is ruled by a planet, which means the energy of that planet is more prominent during that hour. So, during Mars or Saturn hora it would not be wise to engage in conversations that are likely to result in an argument because Mars can cause anger and Saturn can cause disorder. You can use the align27 app to know which planet is ruling at any given hour.

6. Honor The Form of Lord Ganesha in Your House of Relationships

Every zodiac sign is associated with a form of Lord Ganesha. In Narada Purana, Sage Narada gives the 12 names of Lord Ganesha connected to the 12 Zodiac signs. By determining the sign that is in your 7th House (the House of relationships) you can determine the specific mantra of Lord Ganesha that is related to that sign. You can chant that mantra 11, 21, 51 or 108 times.

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