Mercury, the planet of communication and intelligence is in the nakshatra of Revati within the zodiacal sign of Pisces from April 9th to May 10th 2024.

This extended transit includes Mercury’s retrograde phase up to April 26th and puts an extra focus on the affairs of this imaginative nakshatra. Revati translates to ‘The Wealthy’, where Mercury gives you the ability to succeed in business and media, as you reach out generously and bring people together.

Your plans have a genuinely spiritual quality, and you exercise your imagination and intuition, and you love to socialize and be seen, and may accept an invitation you would otherwise ignore, especially when you have an underlying professional interest.

Choices and thoughts from Mercury’s most recent stay in Revati, March 16th to 25th, may arise again, and you reconsider a recent business deal or opinion. Mercury’s natural mode is analysis and detail, but your intuition proves uncanny at this point, even when your ideas take an unexpected direction.

Remain open to impressions and trust your gut. Revati is linked with travel and hospitality, and its Shakti, or unique gift, ‘To Protect’, may see you with good fortune while on the road. You can offer advice or information, and find support and even the promise of profit while you are on your journey.

April 19th to 20th is an excellent window to exercise your charm and be most persuasive. A friend who needs convincing to join you may be talked around and you can achieve amazing things together.

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