Mercury, the planet of thought and commerce, is in proximity to the Sun in Pisces from April 10th to 13th 2024.

This is Mercury’s closest ‘combustion’ or burnt-up phase, where the Sun’s rays have an overpowering effect on your decision-making and overall train of thought. In Pisces, your mind is imaginative and empathetic, and Mercury in this sign is not limited to strictly academic or even rational thinking.

Academic or business deadlines are stressful, and you do not perform to your best when you are pinned down to a literal position. It’s hard to concentrate and you may give into worry and overthinking, especially with the presence of Rahu, the planet of illusion, also in Pisces.

The Sun gives you pride in your problem-solving ability, however, and there may be a person in authority you want to impress. Working extra hard and speaking up makes other people pay attention to your input.

Sun and Mercury together also create Budhaditya Yoga, a classical combination of learning and commercial skill, where your eloquence and real-world knowledge help you make a decision or purchase. An answer to an obscure or difficult question may arrive in a flash of insight.

You are happy to leave others to work out the fine details, but bear in mind your ideas have real value and may be worth protecting. Properly channelled, this short transit can see you doing well in an unusual style, and producing great work when you allow your energy to flow.

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