If you click on the ‘Now’ add-on in align27 you can see a snapshot of the influences the planets have on you at that exact moment. Whilst you may be well acquainted with the terminology of Days, Moments and perhaps even Panchapakshi, some of us may be less familiar with the Panchak. So what is it and how can we apply it to our lives?

Pachaka are five blemishes, and Rahita Means ‘without’. Panchaka Rahita takes into account Tithi (lunar day], Vara (weekday], Nakshatra (lunar mansion) and Lagna (Ascendent) to divide the whole day and night into auspicious and inauspicious time windows, and determine periods that are free from blemishes.

Simply called Panchak, this system helps you avoid inauspicious timings and choose the right time to do important activities.

The Power of Nish⚡

Nish means ‘good,’ and signifies the highly auspicious and powerful moments which are free from blemishes. When choosing the right time to do important activities it is wise to pick a time that is ‘Nish’ and is therefore free from the below blemishes.


The Five Blemishes

Agni – The fire element is very intense at this time so it’s good to stay aware. You could experience moments of anger and frustration. It is important during this time to be careful while cooking, or when there is any risk of fire.

Roga – This time has an impact on our health and wellbeing. You may experience moments of lethargy and tiredness, so during this phase it is best to pursue healthy habits to improve your wellbeing.

Mrtyu – This is considered the most inauspicious time. It indicates danger or hazard. So be careful and avoid important activities as they may not be successful. Any action that we do during this time could fail, end abruptly, or end in argument.

Raja – This is not a good time to communicate. Any communication during this phase may not be fruitful. Misunderstandings and arguments can happen with people who are in higher authority, or between colleagues and associates. This period indicates bad results.

Chora – This is the second worst period after Mrtyu and can indicate fraudulent happenings. It can bring negative thoughts, which can lead to unpleasant experiences. Avoid financial matters, traveling or starting new ventures during this time. You may find you misplace or lose things, so be diligent, especially when you are out and about.

align27 calculates these timings for you, so you can easily find your Nish influenced times and set out for success in your ventures. If you don’t already have Panchak set up in your align27 app, you can set it up in the add-ons section in the main menu. Once set up it will show on your app homepage.

Panchak is also taken into account in calculating your Golden Moments, along with multiple other time-tested astrological techniques.

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