Mercury, planet of the mind, and Venus, planet of relationship, come together in Aries from April 1st to 6th 2023.

This pair are planetary friends, even though placed in an enemy’s sign, which makes this a good transit for harmonious speech and smoothing over difficulties in relationship. You are open and conciliatory, and make moves to reach out to socially, especially if there has been friction and you need to keep the peace.

Aries is an action-oriented sign not known for diplomacy, but its forthright nature gives you impetus, and Mercury in Ashwini in particular finds the courage to make the first move. You may intercede on somebody else’s behalf romantically and set up a match, as long as you first make sure everybody is on board.

This transit also has business potential where you bring interested parties together, or use your even-handed outlook to referee a dispute. Saying the right thing secures a friendly outcome.

Otherwise, you can channel this fiery planetary energy into campaigning or protesting for a social or political cause, perhaps organizing a media campaign with other people coming alongside you.

Creative writing is also favoured, along with any craft or handiwork that uses an artistic touch, where you express yourself naturally and stylishly. Mercury and Venus are at opposite ends of Aries in this transit, but both receive the energy of sober, hardworking Saturn in Aquarius, which gives you a realistic outlook and measured speech.

Work within your limitations and volunteer for a duty call in your job, where an element of fate may also find you receiving attention or flirtation from outside without looking for it.

Open yourself to new possibility and it pays to accept an invitation you would otherwise decline.

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