Mercury, planet of thought and speech, is in Purva Phalguni from August 8th to 18th 2022.

This nakshatra translates to ‘the previous red one’ and expresses the pleasure-loving and affectionate side of Leo. You have your own opinion about big issues and like to remain independent, but reserve the right to indulge yourself and have fun.

Purva’s symbol, the swinging Hammock, stands for its relaxed nature, though your communication comes across with fine quality and integrity, as you are focused on relationship and sharing.

This asterism’s ruling deity is Aryaman, one of the divine Adityas, which is invoked at the time of marriage, so you like to flirt and play mental games, and need the stimulus of a like-minded soul to bounce ideas off.

Mercury is also the planet of commerce, so you can strike deals and use Purva’s cooperative side to bring friends and advisers onside. The Shakti or unique power of this asterism is for ‘Procreation’, though Mercury itself represents more detached friendship, which may mean collaborating on your media and communication projects and giving birth to a new idea.

Despite your light-hearted approach, you may be fixed and stubborn at this time, so remember to give and take. Mercury receives the aspect of shadowy Rahu through this whole transit, peaking on August 16th, so you may be attracted to an eccentric or rebellious person or business deal.

You have an original idea which goes outside the usual guardrails and people look to you to break a stalemate or solve a long-standing problem. You are broadminded and have the real-world experience to understand how politics works and to make your ideas stick.

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