Rahu, the shadow planet of material desire, enters the second pada of Rohini nakshatra in the sign of Taurus on June 1st.

Taurus is Rahu’s strongest sign and Rohini in many ways is the purest expression of its earthy and comfort-loving nature, so this transit holds great promise for fulfilment. Your attention goes to luxury, possessions, and perhaps romantic joy, where you have a loyal though jealous style.

Pada two of Rohini is also ruled by Taurus navamsha – the chart of relationship and the subtle astral body – so this transit is a doubly perfect showing of Venus-ruled energy. You operate in the material world and unlike other times when you may feel uncomfortable in your body or have to compromise, now you have free rein to indulge yourself.

Any strong desire or urge comes closer to being satisfied, and going all-out helps to eliminate a nagging emptiness that has held you back up to now. You like rich tastes and fine texture, and enjoy spoiling a partner or someone you want to impress with a well-chosen gift or experience.

Rohini is ruled by Bramha the Creator, so your art and self-expression are stimulated in unusual ways, or you bond romantically over a shared appreciation of a particular aesthetic taste.

Rahu is a rebel and innovator, so you can also present yourself in a stylish and individual way, perhaps featuring different shades of red, which others are inspired by but can’t quite copy. The start of this transit coincides with the Sun and Mercury retrograde both also in Taurus, which adds to the velvety and security-conscious atmosphere.

No matter how spiritual you may be, this is a time to take care of real-world business, where you are adept and astute, and surround yourself with the finest possible quality.

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