Mercury, the planet of thought and speech, enters Ardra nakshatra, in the sign of Gemini from June 17th to 24th 2024.

Ardra’s symbol of a Teardrop gives your thoughts greater complexity and a more emotional style of expression than is usually associated with airy, witty Gemini.  Mercury is strong in this analytical sign, but you also have empathy for people’s experiences, and discussing ideas or just simple conversation has a strong sentimental undertone.

One minute you are completely clear and rational, the next overwhelmed with emotion, and the slightest trigger can tip your feelings over. Ardra’s ruler, Rudra, symbolizes your inner weather, where storms and psychic upheaval are virtually the norm, but appreciate that your changeable mentality can confuse some people.

This placement makes you a student of human nature, and you may spend time with friends in distress who know that you understand their contradictions. You also have the inner toughness for an uncomfortable task and can take a detached and clinical approach to deep feelings, or investigate dark, taboo areas most people shy away from.

This transit favours deep research, where you cover all sides of a question, and Ardra’s Shakti, or special power, for Effort, favours putting hours into your studies or immersing yourself in a task that needs completing to the deadline. Mercury moves alongside diplomatic Venus through this whole transit, however, which softens Ardra’s hard edge with a more peace-loving and romantic way of communication.

Take care that you don’t ask too many questions when meeting somebody new: you are friendly and naturally curious, and not content with surface appearances.

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