Ketu, the Moon’s South Node is in Pada (part) Three of Chitra from August 28th to October 30th 2023.

This pada is also in Libra navamsha, the sub-chart of marriage and spiritual blessings, which gives otherworldly Ketu a natural underlying strength. Your creativity, romantic feeling and day-to-day dealings work well in a long-term relationship and your partner can be a big assistance when you work as a team.

The double Venus rulership here gives you a way with people, and any compromise you make at home or in business is likely to play well for the long-term. You have flair and style, and Chitra’s symbol of a shining Jewel sees you stand out from the crowd with a put-together image which others are inspired to copy.

You have energy and drive, but any new project needs to be channelled and thought-out, and not give way to Ketu’s blind, headless tendencies. Yoga and meditation for inner freedom is Ketu’s real domain, and you can integrate your spiritual search with action and influence in the real world.

Work on your creativity and self-expression, and this transit has also great potential in the healing arts. Chitra’s Shakti, the ‘Power to Collect Merit’, offers a reward for helping someone, even when you may not have an end-goal in mind.

From October 18th, Ketu is influenced by the Sun in Libra, which gives you a greater ego investment in your plans, but you also need to be subtle and allow others to take credit for an idea which you have put forward.

Pay attention to a flash of intuition on October 19th, where you know what someone is thinking without being told.

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