Rahu, the shadow planet of material desire, is in the first pada of Rohini nakshatra in the sign of Taurus from August 3rd to October 5th.

Rohini is a pure expression of Taurus’s earthy and comfort-loving nature, and this sign is also Rahu’s place of exaltation, so you have promise of fulfilment. Your attention is on ownership, fine quality and romance, where you have a loyal though jealous style.

Pada One of this nakshatra relates to Aries in the navamsha chart of relationship and dharma, so your quest has an underlying impatient and impulsive style. You have freedom to indulge yourself, but must strike a balance between Taurus’s leisurely style and Aries’s desire for instant results.

This pada’s underlying Mars-ruled energy breaks through complacency and sees you become a total self-starter, make strides and create your own luck. Wherever Rahu is placed, you like to rebel and do things differently, so you dispense with form, forge your own path and let others jump aboard if they wish.

You become an innovator and find a place to shine – presenting yourself in a stylish and individual way, you make a statement of your appearance which others secretly find inspiring.

Rohini is ruled by Bramha the Creator, and this transit lights a fire under your art and self-expression, where you channel your energy into creativity, and design something striking and original.

Be mindful of an overly pushy manner in relationship, where breaking outside your usual boundaries might shock your partner. Expect also to receive urgent attention from somebody close, where you are not given time to make up your mind.

Rahu receives the positive influence of Jupiter from September 15th, which gives you courage and support to follow your own path.

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