Jupiter, planet of faith and expansion, moves closely alongside the Sun from April 22nd to 27th.

This transit is the same conjunction as that in Pisces of April 12th, except Jupiter is no longer in its own sign, and the Sun in Aries now is in its exaltation. These are two great planetary friends and an auspicious pairing, except this conjunction has Jupiter playing the junior partner, especially as it is only newly arrived this sign.

The Sun’s glare burns anything close to it, to the point where another planet becomes completely invisible and its influence very much weakened. The effect is destabilising, accompanied by a sense of anxiety at being overshadowed, and in a sense ‘star-struck’, by a superior force.

Jupiter in Aries at its best gives you a spiritually assertive and pioneering approach, but here you may lack confidence in your vision and rely more on an outside authority figure. You are uncomfortable travelling or in a classroom situation, for lack of knowledge or grounding, and a risk-averse Jupiter does not give proper wisdom or protection.

Appreciate that you have a lot to learn in a new job or location, and be open about your position, rather than try to work your way through with halfway knowledge. Accept the need for modesty and take nothing for granted.

This conjunction also picks up the influence of Saturn, planet of karma and boundaries, which aggravates your feeling of restriction and dependency.

As the Sun moves away from Jupiter after April 27th, you may grow into a role, especially as a mentor or thought leader, and pick up the charisma and spontaneity this conjunction is usually famed for.

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