Venus, planet of love and art, moves from Pisces-Revati to Aries-Ashwini from April 7th and 12th.

This is the Gandanta zone between water and fire signs and also nakshatras, a double junction or ‘sandhi’ that brings a knot or romantic issue to unravel. Venus goes from its highest exaltation on April 8th into fierier and more self-centred mode by April 10th, and your relationships likewise go from a high and idealistic peak into a more impulsive and demanding style.

The pressure to support and be there for somebody gives way to a more independent romantic vision, though best still to take things slowly during this transition. You might see the return of an ex, or else you fall back into a pattern within your partnership you promised yourself to leave behind.

Revati is known for selflessness, hospitality and protection, where you have a sentimental view of your loved ones, which is still attainable, at least for a while. Ashwini by contrast, is pure fire, where you get your needs met by the quickest route, and your noble aims appear to be a romantic dream.

Still, your good intentions may be misunderstood or have to change suddenly, or else a partner acts out of character and you have to adjust. Your creativity also gets a new influence that makes its completion longer and more complex, and artistic inspiration gives way to a down-to-earth deadline.

This could see a split between your spiritual and material impulses and a loss or letdown is valuable in the long term from a soul growth standpoint. Once entering Aries on April 10th, Venus is free from the impact of sober Saturn, but then sits between benevolent Mercury and fiery Mars.

This mixed influence sees you treading carefully, and you may be called upon to mediate a work dispute, or to referee your own relationship in a strict and impartial way.

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