Venus, planet of relationship, enters the nakshatra of Magha in the sign of Leo from September 28th until October 9th.

Magha is a showy and flamboyant energy within fiery Leo, which translates to ‘The Mighty’ and is symbolized by a royal throne-room, showing big ambition, and Venus here has the desire to make a king or queen of your romantic partner. It also shows your high-maintenance side where only the best will do, and an unbalanced Magha gives an air of patronage or favouritism. 

Spoiling somebody is a way to their heart – ruled by Leo – and you have a romantic generosity that keeps on giving, ideally without thought of reward or return. You are naturally playful and love a romantic chase, and may be looking for a new relationship or conquest or to put new life into your current partnership. 

Magha’s Shakti, or unique gift is also ‘The Power to Leave the Body’, which shows its mystical side – you can find a transcendent romantic experience which truly takes you out of yourself. Your artistic work also receives an injection of energy and a project that stalled for lack of inspiration gets back on track. If you have recently been a little shy, uncertain or noncommittal, you set the balance right too and become decisive and ambitious. 

Every relationship needs a touch of heroism and you show yourself to be bold and demonstrative. The ruling deity here is The Pitris, the ancestral spirits, so you have an awareness of history and tradition, as long as this doesn’t limit your choices or make you overly fussy. 

You make important contacts and have the ear of an influential person, but good fortune really finds you when you lavish your attention on someone special.

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